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I just touched some paste, which I wasn’t supposed to do, right? – Wait, don’t touch anymore. – What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TVand believe it or not, I have never built a PC. I’ve usually just gone forprebuilt PCs but recently I’ve been getting a lot moreinto gaming and I thought let me build something powerfuland custom to my setup. But I had no idea where to start. So I reached out to mybuddies who know a thing or two about building PCs. Thunder E from Booredatwork and Ryan from Beginners Tech. Thunder E is going to talk us through all of the differentparts that we’ve gone for and why we’ve gone for these. And then Ryan is going to try to direct me through building my first ever PC. This could either go reallywell or terribly wrong. Either way I’m super excited. We’ve also got a bunch of accessories and a monitor from ASUS. So towards the end,we’ll set everything up and hope for the best. Let’s do this. So we’ve got Thunder E herewho’s helped sourced a lot of these parts and is going totalk us through everything. Thunder, dude, I have noidea what’s going on here.

Can you break everything down for us? – Oh, absolutely man. And thank you for finally joining us with the PC master race builders. But the very first thing you have here that I do like is theNZXT H1 mini ITX case. – Yeah. – I love this ’cause Ialso have the same case and what’s really cool aboutit is that it’s got a bunch of features that makes iteasier for you to build your PC. – Okay. – So for instance, it’s got a140 millimeter loopy cooler, so you don’t have to buy that. It’s already prebuilt inside. It’s also got a 650 watt power supply which means you don’t have to buy that. It’s also installed in the case as well. – Right. – Now the case supportsa mini ITX motherboard and it also has atempered glass front panel which means you can see, youknow, the internals and all this RGB lights when we, youknow, definitely cue them up. So the next thing I see youhave here which is going to improve your gameplayto the next level, or at least give youthe kind of performance that you need is the AMD Ryzen 3950X. – You mean it’s not going to giveme an excuse for playing bad. (both narrators laughing) I mean look your game play’s gotten better but it’s going to give you16 core CPU which is just a whole lot of power, 32threads, seven nanometer. I mean, this is like the bestgaming processor on the land that you can definitelypick out and 33.5 gigahertz. You’re looking at just liketotal performance all the way. – Sweet. – Solid pickup. And you know, I think you’recopying my PC build here. ‘Cause this is the same CPU I have.

I mean, yeah, I know I pickedthe best but it’s okay. – Yeah, you said you picked it also. It looks like you’vejust picked everything that you had and pretty much. (Thunder E laughing) So you copied yourself. – Yes definitely. Yeah, pretty much. But I do like the RAMthat you’re going with. – Okay. – Which is the XLR8 gaming round from PNY. This is a 32 gigabyte kit. It’s RGB. Again, we talked about thetempered glass on your case. So you can see some ofthose RGB colors come out like DDR4 RAM 3,200 megahertz. You know, the more RAMyou have the better, which means at 32gigabytes you’ve got enough to game and also to dosome editing as well. Like so this is a solid pick. – Sweet. – So next up we have our storage. Now you’re going withsomething that most people just don’t have and theyhaven’t experienced yet, which is the FireCuda 520. This is a PCIe Gen4 SSD. What that means is thatyou’re getting speeds up to 5,000 megabits persecond for read speeds and about 4,500 megabitsper second for right speeds. – High. – And if that isn’t that’s insanely fast. That’s pretty much as fast as the brand new X-Boxseries X and the PS5. – Nice, sweet. Plus plenty of storage. – Yeah, exactly. And yeah, that’s right. Two terabytes of storagewhich means one good thing since quality war zone iscurrently 240 gigabytes.

And by the time we’redone with this video, it will be 300 gigabytes. Still you’ve got enough space. – So I can always have enough for video editing and stuff as well. Enough to worry about havingthat on a separate drive. I can have it all in one. – Yeah, definitely butcall of duty is going to take more space than you editing . – For sure, that thing takes too much. (Thunder E laughing) – Yeah, so with all those parts in mind, you know, one of the mainthings you need is of course a really solid motherboard ’cause that’s whereeverything is connected to. And you’re going with the ROG STRIX X570-IGAMING motherboard. Now this is an awesomeboard and I’m jealous ’cause I actually wantedthis board in my build. I didn’t get to, I couldn’t get it at the time and you have it. And it’s got a ton of features. So of course it’s ports, youknow, 4Gen AMD processor. It’s got four USB 3.2 genone ports four USB 3.2 gen two ports, it’s got Wi-Fisix antennas as well. So you’ve got Wi-Fi sixconnectivity which is pretty cool. Some ports up to 64 gigabytes of RAM. You’ve got two PCIe slots. So if you want to expandyour storage instead of just having, you know, twoterabytes, you can go to four.

You’ve got like a plethoraof the things you need. And it also has RGB cores. – Nice, and it’s quite compact which is suitable for this case. – Oh yeah, absolutely. So I mean, it fits quite inand, you know, I mean this build is going to be one ofthose that will, I mean, I can just imagine this onyour desk but it’s going to be a solid build withall the parts you have here. – Looking forward to it. – Finally, not forgetting wedo have your graphics card. And as you know, yougot to go with an RTX. This is the ASUS RTX 2080 Ti Turbo. Now this is a blower fan which means it just has a standard blower. It doesn’t have like, youknow, multiple fans on there. But, you know, the reasonwhy I wanted you to go with this is because itfits well into this case. It’s easier to put in. And also you’re still goingto get great performance here. So you should be gettingsome really solid FPSs when you’re playing warzone or any other game. And also while editing your render time should be cut downdrastically with these cards. So, I mean, you’regoing to build a machine that should cover all your needs. – Yap, I’m super excited and all of this stuff sounds awesome. Now it’s going to be the hard part and hopefully I won’t mess this up. But we’re going to switch overto Ryan and Ryan’s going to try to talk me through building all of this. Thunder, thank you so much for talking us through all of the different parts. And I’ll let you knowif when I power this up it actually switches on. – I’m sure it will.

Can’t wait to try yourwar zone with this so. – Yeah, man, I appreciate the pleasure. Thank you. – And no problem man. – Okay, so we now have my good friend Ryan from Beginners Tech who isactually going to talk us through the hard part ofgoing through the build. Ryan, how’s it going my brother? – Yo, what’s up bro? Hope everything is good as super hot. – It is very hot. It is very hot and this PCis going to have to stay cool while I’m gaming in this hot weather. I’m excited man. Let’s get straight to it. What are we starting with? – Okay, so first thing is first see, you’ve got everythinglaid out nice and ready. So, grab the CPU and we’llget that fitted first. So all we have to do is makesure you take the gold triangle and match up with thetriangle on the CPU socket. Just drop it into place,close the latch back over and you can move on to the next step. – Alright, so the latch is now released. So it’s all open now. It’s going to drop itand match the triangles. Alright, that just drop right into place. – That’s it, then justclose the latch over. – Okay. Alright, that good? – Looks good to me man. So now in this case. – It’s going to be easy. (Ryan laughing) – Oh boy. No, I don’t know what I’min PC building school. So I guess now we’ll goahead and find the RAM. – Okay. – Grab your RAM sticks. – Alright, so we’ve gotthe RAM sticks here.

So I’ve got two and then I can see what looks like isgoing to fit here, okay? – Yeah, so just match or cut out up with your notch on themotherboard open them up then it should just push it into place. We bought a force is needed and you should hear it just click. – Okay, I don’t want to apply. Okay, alright. That clicks in place. That looks pretty. That looks pretty easy. So let’s do this other one as well. And these are RGB, so theyshould looking very cool. – Can never have too much RGB man. – I’m going to be like a disco. Alright, so a bit of force. Okay, that’s kept into place as well. Alright, okay. So I think yeah bothare clipped into place. – Awesome, so I guess thelast step before we go into putting the motherboardand the case is fitting your M.2 drive, so your storage drive. So what we’ll have to do isremove the heat sink from the board because this boardcomes with a cool heat sink. That keeps the M.2 nice and cool. – Nice, so it says M.2 heat sink so I’ll take these screws out from here. – I should just pull up and just match the notch up and should notjoin the motherboard again. It should just push straight in. – Okay, and they shouldn’tneed too much force, right? Okay, that’s it. – No, it should just pop in. – I see some adhesive on here. Should I take that off? – Yeah, just go ahead and peel that off. And you’ll be left witha nice heat sink pad. – Alright, there we go. – Just pop up please. – Okay, and there’s alittle connection here.

So that goes in, okay. So that’s the RAM, the processor as well as the M.2 hard drive all in. – That’s pretty much all good. So all we have to do now istake what you’ve already built and pretty much pop it into our case. – Alright, so now this wehave some screws in here. I opened up the tower earlierso, you know, we wouldn’t have to faff around figuring outhow to actually open it. Okay, so before we put themotherboard in to the case, we need to put the IO input,output shields into place. – They are all really fiddly. That’s the only problem. Nobody likes fitting an IO shield. – That’s the hardest part. – That’s probably one of the most annoying parts I would say. – Okay, I think that’s pretty much in. Alright now. – Especially in the case you’ve chosen. Yep, so I just match theIO and both the IO shield and then everythingshould just set nicely. – Okay, so if I just kindof push this into here without hopefully breaking everything. Yeah, okay. Yeah that’s what I like going into. Yeah, okay. – Just have a look, there’sall the ports lined up. – A few moments later. – Motherboard is finally in. There was a bit ofcushioning on the IO segment. So had like really going topush it in but wasn’t too hard. Just took a little bit of time, right. What’s next, right? – Yeah we go there.

So next I think the bestthing to do would be to start attaching all of the cables that are coming from thecase and the power supply. So probably just startwith the graphics card one since it’s probably oneof the largest ones. – Alright, so that’s the one that’s coming along at the bottom. – Yeah, so if you justopen up your PCIe slot, just pushes down on the v-tab. – Okay. – And then just push it deep. – Yep, that’s it. – So you’ll see those lots of other cables just hanging around there. So I guess grab theblue one USB free maybe. – Yep. Okay, let’s do that. So that’s the USB threeclipped in perfect. That’s good. So the next one is theF panel cable, right? ‘Cause that’s the one thatmatches in, that is in. Okay, so alright. Now the next one. So we’ve got the F panel in and then there’s one which is HD audio. – It’s hiding behind theheat sink for the M.2 drive. – So the HD audio portneeds an adapter to get into this case which we didn’tinitially realize, did we? That is now done. What are we doing next? Which part are we connecting next? Which cable? – I think you should grab the power cable for the motherboard. That’s should be, that’sthe eight pin cable. – Yep, that is. – So power that we’re going to need as the power for the CPUwhich is an eight pin. – Okay, I see that. Yep, okay. And it says CPU andthere’s two parts to it. – Is it two separate fours? – Yeah, it’s two separate fours. Those are in.

Okay, cool. – Nice, maybe just plug thefans on from the cooler man. – Those are in. – I guess what we’redoing now as we set up our pump head to fit the AMD socket. So you’re going to take the pre-applied intel bracketoff and pop the AMD one on. – Yeah, that was goingto be the right way. I just touched some paste which I wasn’t supposed to do, right? – Right, don’t touch anymore. – The bracket is on. I have ruined a little bitat the paste but it’s okay. And now we’ve put on theconnectors onto here. Now this is all going to go down on top. – On top of the CPU socket. So basically that’s goingto take your little squares and make sure they go over the brackets. – Okay, so I’ve not liketightened it too much. I’ve just tightened it enough. So it doesn’t move around. So enough. – Right, good to go. – Yeah. – So I guess now you canclose the kilobyte over. – Okay, so now the case is closed. – Good, so we’re onto the last hurdle. And that is the fit the graphics card. – GPU times. – GPU time. – This is the bad boy that isgoing to power everything up. – Right, so just line up with the slots and it should just push into place. – GPU is finally in, what’s left? – Yeah boy, all we have to dois give some power to the GPU.

So grab some PCIe cablesfrom the power supply. – Okay, so there’s a bunch. – As a last step. – Those are in. GPU is connected, anything else? – Ooh nope, that should bepretty much built the PC man. So all we have to do now is putall the panels back on case. Fire it up, make sureeverything powers on. It should put into the bios from there. Just go ahead, install windows, install your drivers and games. Then we can play some call of duty. – Let’s do this man. Ryan, thank you so much. Really appreciate all of yourhelp putting this together. PC building isn’t easyas I thought it was. – It will be easier next time. – Yeah. Alright, thanks man. I’m going to, I want to put this together. – Alright man. – Right guys, it’s all set up now. Let’s go and power it onand see if it’s all worked. – Ah, thank you Safwanshows for installing the brand new Syn Gala OS. As you know this OS has tonsof new features, like allowing you to transfer your bankdetails to call us Syn Gala. So you can use it for hiswives, I mean one wife. But anyway, when you’vefinished watching this video. Sorry there’s no video this is OS. So look at this. – Yeah, let me just switch this off. Anyway, so obviouslythis is not Syn Gala OS. We’ve got windows 10 installed. Everything worked pretty fine. There were few cables that I had to kind of just go over becausethis is my first time.

But I’m super, superhappy with this built. The case is so compact and Ireally liked the look of it. And for performance,this is absolutely fine for what I need it for. Video editing is great. Gaming on here isabsolutely great as well. I will leave some benchmarks on the screen for those of you interested in that. And ASUS also hooked us up with this 27 inch ROGSTRIX HDR I-GAMING monitor. The model number is the XG 279Q. And it’s got a 144 Hertz refresh rate which can be overclocked to 170 Hertz, one millisecond response time. Perfect for gaming. And what I also really like about this is that you can have it inportrait mode as well as landscape for anybody that’s into that. I’m not sure I’ll be using this in portrait mode but it’s so awesome. As well as that, we dohave the ROG STRIX SCOPE, PLX deluxe mechanical gaming keyboard, the ROG Chakram wireless gamingmouse with cheap charging, as well as ROG STRIX GO 2.4wireless gaming headset. And that is my first ever PCbuilt, was a little bit harder than I thought it’s going to be but I’m sure the more Ibuild the better I will get. Big thanks to my friendsfor making this possible. Thunder E from Booredatwork,Ryan from Beginners Tech. I’m going to leave both of their channels, link down below do check them out. They make much better PCbuilt videos than I do. And also a big thanks to all of the brands for sending all the partsto make this build possible. If you’re interested inpicking up any of the parts or building somethingsimilar, I’ll be leaving all of the links down inthe description below.

I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and found it useful. If you did, then do hit thatthumbs up button for me. What do you think of my first PC build? Do let me know in the comments below, if you want to see more contentlike this, then do subscribe and hit that bell iconso you don’t miss it. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TVand I’m going to go and game. What’s up guys? That didn’t work out too well. (upbeat music)

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